Parkonnem - Kit Tem Sang - Round 1

By Chicalim Bio-Crusaders

🌺🍒 We are back 🍎🍋

After the grand success of last year's Parkonnim contest, Chicalim Bio-Crusaders are running this heritage quiz for you once again, with new challenging parkonnims and exciting prizes.

What is a Parkonnim? 🤔

Parkonnim is a Konkani word which in English translates as Riddle. Before the advent of radio and television as a means of entertainment, 'Parkonnim' was one of the pass-time entertainment in the village Maand or the Balcao

The elderly would challenge the youngsters with these Parkonnims testing the analytical ability of the family members, neighbours or community members.

However, today these Parkonnims have been forgotten and hardly recollected or used as a pastime.

The Contest - Kitem Tem Sang 🧠

  1. Watch the Parkonnim videos below 📽
  2. There are 5 rounds with 10 Parkonnims each to be answered.
  3. Fill the form with your answers round-wise ✍️
  4. Press submit ✔️
  5. Once the contest is over, the person who has answered the most Parkonnims correctly, will be awarded the C. G. Varkey (IRS) Silver Rolling Heritage Trophy 🏆 and will receive a cash prize of ₹5,000/-
  6. In addition Heritage Prizes for 5 runners-up 🌼.
  7. Free entry to all winners and 50% discounts for all participants at Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruthi Museums 🌺.
  8. Participation prize for every contestant with 50% discount on NIRVANA T-shirts and products 🌺.

What are you waiting for?! Take part and promote our Unique 🌸Goan Heritage Parkonnim. 🌸 Long Live Goa's Heritage.

Viva 🐵🦅🐞🦀

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please use your same Google/ Gmail email-address, name and mobile no. to submit the form for all the 5 rounds.
  2. Once you Submit the form, you will not be allowed to resubmit.
  3. Winners will be declared after completion of 5 rounds.
  4. The contest (all 5 rounds) ends on 5th November.
  5. Prize distribution will be held on 3rd December.

Answer Form Round 1


Round 1 - Parkonnem No.1

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.2

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.3

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.4

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.5

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.6

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.7

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.8

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.9

Round 1 - Parkonnem No.10


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